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Truman Trust is the writer and publisher of digital publications on astrology and other topics. Truman Trust provides website owners and others with the opportunity to earn money. You can make money by referring customers to and who buy eBooks and other publications available for sale on the website.

For each referral who buys a product on and, you can earn 20% commission.

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What Is An Affiliate Program?

An affiliate program is a relationship between a company that sells products and/or services on the Internet and a person or a company that refers customers who purchase these items. As a result of the referral, the website owner pays a commission to the affiliate partner for any sale it makes with the referral.

The Affiliate programs works by linking a banner ad, product image and/or text link on your website to the TraiStar and/or Truman Trust website.

What Qualifications Do I Need to Become an Affiliate Partner?

Truman Trust seeks relationships with responsible partners who support the topics outlined on

However we do not support any entities that are associated with illegal and/or immoral behavior.

We also reserve the right to temporarily turn down any website that is not yet published, down or is currently under heavy construction. Once the site is complete and fully functional, you may reapply to our affiliate program at any time.

Can I Become An Affiliate If My Website Is Based Outside of the U.S.?

Yes. All sites wherever they may reside can become a Truman Trust affiliate.

What Is the Cost to Join?

It is FREE! There are no start-up fees or any other charges or hidden costs.

What Steps Are There to Become an Affiliate Partner?

The first step to join the affiliate partner program is to opt-in to our affiliate newsletter. The newsletter will contain information on new publications, best-selling titles and any upcoming promotions.

The second step is to respond to the email we send you to verify your affiliate partner registration.

The third step is to place the banner ad(s), images and/or text links we provide you on your website(s). Placing these links into the content on your site(s) is the most effective marketing tool for you to generate affiliate sales.

Can I Change or Personalize the Images and/or Banner Ads?

No, you may not alter any of the images or banner ads.

How Do You Track the Sales Generated by My Site?

Truman Trust tracks sales using a state-of-the-art technology embedded in the code for the banner ads, images and /or text links. We can credit you for all customer purchases that occur within the first 45 days after their initial visit to our web site, provided they do not remove any cookies or cache their computer during this period..

How Much Does Truman Trust Pay Me For Referrals?

You will earn 20% commissions on the total amount of sales you refer to our site each month. However we distribute funds when the total amount in your account exceeds $100.

How Can I See the Sales My Site Generated and Commissions I've Earned?

Our affiliate program enable you to see the amount you are owed once your account has over $100.

What If Any Sales Quotas Are There?

We do not have any sales quotas.

What Kind of Advertising Can I Do?

We encourage you to be creative in how you advertise and promote Truman Trust. You may promote our company and products in your newsletters or e-mails to your site subscribers. You may also write articles, book reviews and/or blog posts that mention our name and products.

You may include customer testimonials.

And you may promote your affiliation with Truman Trust in your press releases provided you show us a copy of the release for our approval before you send it to the media/press.

However, Truman Trust prohibits you from promoting our company or products by sending unsolicited e-mails (AKA spam). We reserve the right to terminate your affiliate partnership with us if you do send spam containing our name and/or products.

May I Use Content From the Truman Trust Site on My Own Site?

No. You may NOT use any content with exception of the banner ads designated for the affiliate program.

Can I Take Orders on My Site and Forward Them to Truman Trust?

No. Truman Trust must process all orders directly from its website.

How Can I Cancel My Account?

You can terminate your affiliation with Truman Trust at any time. Just stop using the links.

Who Can I Contact If I Have Any Other Questions?

You may call 561-228-1600. Truman Trust will do its best to address your issue within 72 hours.

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