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Entertainment By A Celebrated Astrologer

Amuse Your Guests at Your Next Party or Event with an Astrologer Entertainer

TraiStar® entertains your guests at small and large gatherings. So you can create fun for your party or event. And so you can make it memorable. It’s all in the stars with an astrologer entertainer.

TraiStar® entertainment provides:

  • horoscope readings for everyone
  • humor to make people laugh
  • spectacle to stimulate chat

He is a trained actor and speaks well. He is versatile and able to talk about many popular topics. Plus he can electrify your audience when talking about celebrities horoscopes. Most of all, he can appeal to your guest’s interests in astrology, the planets and world events. And he’ll predict things in the future to spice things up.

Entertain Your Party Guests In a Unique Way
TraiStar® entertains at all types of parties and events. These include:

  • birthday & anniversary parties
  • costume parties
  • bridal showers & weddings
  • spa & makeup parties
  • tradeshows & business events

TraiStar® entertains more guests per hour with astrology/horoscopes than psychics or tarot card readers. Plus he makes people laugh. His clients include Revlon and Glamour Magazine.

Horoscopes Are Popular
Your guests know their sun sign. Many are curious to know more about themselves and others. That’s why TraiStar® entertainment horoscope readings involves talks about personalities, celebrities with same sun signs and relationship compatibility

TraiStar® can help you attract an audience to your event or show. And he can appear on your radio or television show.

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Discover When Your Stars Align For Love & Money
TraiStar® consults clients on natal charts plus planet transits and progressions. Your reading is holistic. It may cover love and marriage, money, sex, career, home, travel and more! Find out how the planets can affect your life today and in your future.

Get Your Personal Horoscope Consultation by Phone
Talk with me at a time right for you. It is private and discreet. So you can feel safe to speak about your life. Plus you can gain insight on who you are and what’s ahead.

Consult an Astrologer You Can Trust.
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