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Meet A Professional Certified Astrologer

TraiStar® = Trust In The Stars

TraiStar® is an Accredited Professional Certified astrologer.

TraiStar® means one who others trust to provide them with confidence in the Stars.

The Oxford dictionary defines the word “traist” as “to commit in trust and have confidence”. And “star” relates to the planets and celestial bodies.

Jeff TraiStar® was born in the degree of the zodiac that according to the Sabian Symbols has the life purpose “to win the confidence and respect of others as one who can be trusted”. TraiStar Be Happy. Know Your Future. An Astrologer Unlike Any Other
TraiStar® is a leading astrologer and among the top experts in astrology worldwide.

He has studied astrology for over thirty-five years. Plus he has professional status. The American Federation of Astrologers and the National Council for Geocosmic Research have accredited (PMAFA) and certified (C.A. NCGR) him as an astrologer. These are the world’s two largest professional astrology associations.

TraiStar® consults people on their horoscopes. He entertains at tradeshows, parties and events. These have included Revlon and Glamour magazine. Plus he writes astrology books and articles for publishers. Some of these publishers are Bridal Guide magazine, Dell Horoscope and Geocosmic Journal.

He provides telephone consultations with clients nationwide. Your birth date, time and place determine your horoscope. You astrologer can read it for you.

Call 800-840-1974 now to get your horoscope. Telephone consultations from within the U.S. are payable by credit card

Discover When Your Stars Align For Love & Money
TraiStar® consults clients on natal charts plus planet transits and progressions. Your reading is holistic. It may cover love and marriage, money, sex, career, home, travel and more! Find out how the planets can affect your life today and in your future.

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Talk with me at a time right for you. It is private and discreet. So you can feel safe to speak about your life. Plus you can gain insight on who you are and what’s ahead.

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