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Each webinar can help you to gain insight on astrology, horoscopes and your future.

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What Your Natal Horoscope Says About You and Your Future

An 8-Week Webinar Series To Help You
Discover the Secrets to Read a Horoscope

Here’s just some of what you’ll discover:

  • 4 types of astrology
  • Calculating a natal chart
  • 4 types of symbols in a natal chart
  • How astrology is like a stage play
  • 10 planets, including the symbol and natural characteristics of each planet… plus, what it means when they go in retrograde
  • Venus, Mars and Pluto and effects on love, relationships and sex
  • Outer planets effects on career, money and social status
  • 12 zodiac signs, including the symbol and natural characteristics of each sign… positive and negative traits, plus their magnetic charges, elements, special qualities, planetary rulers, dignitaries and falls
  • Elements and their effects on your success
  • Summaries of planet characteristics in each zodiac sign and how it can affect your life
  • Sun sign individuality
  • 12 houses, including life circumstances and parts of the body associated with each house… plus the 4 house functions, 3 house qualities and house rulers
  • Summaries of planet characteristics in each of the 12 houses and how it can affect the circumstances in your life.
  • Key aspects between planets and what it can mean in your life.
  • Aspects and how they make things easy or hard in life
  • Planet distribution in a natal chart and delineating its meaning. You’ll learn how to tell if a person is more introverted or extroverted, or if they are more independent or dependent on others by seeing the distribution of planets. Plus, you’ll learn about the different personality types too just by seeing the pattern of planetary positions.
  • Planetary pattern and life course
  • How astrology can help you navigate your life
  • 9 celebrity horoscopes
  • How to read an ephemeris
  • Plus, you’ll learn how to interpret a natal chart and discover the native’s life potential in love, money, career, health and more.

Plus, at the end of each lesson module, there are 5 questions and answers on key topics. Plus, a summary of the presentation.

By watching these webinars, you’ll be able to learn in 8 weeks or less, what many astrologers have learned for centuries. In fact, you’ll know as much if not more than most astrologers today.

An 8-Week Training Webinar Series For Less Than the Cost of a College Course
Buy the 8-week webinar series What Your Natal Horoscope Says About You and Your Future for just $597. That’s less than the cost of a college course.

You’ll receive a personalized invitation to the 8-week webinar series in your email box shortly after your purchase. The webinars inspire you to learn the secrets once available only to kings, queens and aristocrats. You’ll gain the knowledge on how to interpret a birth chart and can know more than many astrologers.

Just for accepting your offer today, you’ll also receive a FREE report entitled Facts About the Moon’s Phases and Eclipses that you’ll see in your email box. In this FREE special report, you’ll discover:

  • What the Moon represents in your horoscope
  • The different phases of the Moon
  • How to best benefit during the period of a waxing Moon
  • What to do during a waning Moon (hint: it not what you may think)
  • The difference between a solar and lunar eclipse in astrology
  • The best time is to start projects, get married and move to a new home (the answer may inspire you)
  • And more…

Best of all, this bonus report – a $39 value — is yours to keep FREE … even if you request a refund on the 8-week webinar series!

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