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The stars can enlighten your life. Horoscopes can illuminate the path in your journey through life. Plus, horoscopes can make you aware of how the planets affect your love-life, money, career, home and more. You can gain astrology insight with publications from an author you can trust. Learn more about astrology and your life with our ebooks and newsletters.

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Jeff “Truman Trust” TraiStar® is an author. He writes articles, newsletters and eBooks on astrology information. Plus he produces videos and DVDs. The topics include:

  • love & marriage
  • romance
  • sex
  • money
  • career
  • current events in the world
  • celebrities
  • planetary phenomena
  • self-help & healing

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An Astrology Writer to Educate & Entertain Your Audience

People love reading their horoscopes. TraiStar® writes horoscopes for newsletters, newspapers, magazines, websites and mobile sites.

He has written for Dell Horoscope, Geocosmic Research and Bridal Guide magazine. He can write for your publication too if you are a publisher of magazines, blogs, newspaper or tabloid.

TraiStar® can write a column for your publication. It can cover all the zodiac signs. Plus it can customize topics to fit your audience, such as romance, sex, money, travel, health and more.

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Discover When Your Stars Align For Love & Money
TraiStar® consults clients on natal charts plus planet transits and progressions. Your reading is holistic. It may cover love and marriage, money, sex, career, home, travel and more! Find out how the planets can affect your life today and in your future.

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Talk with me at a time right for you. It is private and discreet. So you can feel safe to speak about your life. Plus you can gain insight on who you are and what’s ahead.

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