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Since the Beginning of Mankind,
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Astrology is the world’s oldest science and second oldest profession. It goes back to ancient civilizations. The Babylonians, Egyptians, Greeks and Romans studied the stars. The people of India, China and the Middle East have also studied the stars. And the study of certain stars – now called planets – extends to the modern day.

Astrology Is a Science and an Art

Astrology is more than just the study of the planets. It is a philosophy that that helps to uncover the mysteries of life. It is a mathematical science that maps the positions of the planets at a given moment in time. These planetary placements correlate with events in peoples individual and community lives. And astrology is a type of psychology that ties humans and our environment together. The planets influence people’s characters in mysterious ways.

The art of astrology involves the interpretation of the horoscope. A good astrologer will provide you with a holistic perspective. TraiStar® provides astrology services to help give you insight into your life and what’s ahead.

You Can Benefit From Astrology

Although you have free will, the planets can affect your destiny.

Why do dramatic events that change people’s lives often occur following an eclipse?

Why do people with a preponderance of planets in water signs exhibit more emotion that people with planets in air signs?

Why do people tend to marry during planetary aspects to Venus and the seventh house? And why do people tend to divorce or separate when Saturn or Uranus aspects Venus or the seventh house?

Have you ever wondered why you get along with people with certain zodiac Sun signs, yet have conflict with those in other signs?

The truth is each planet and zodiac sign represents a different energy and personality. Aries is the ever self-conscious child which starts the cycle. And Pisces is the mass collective unconscious that completes the cycle.

You can learn more with astrology services by TraiStar®.

Age of Aquarius

Now that we are entering the Age of Aquarius, astrology will likely become more popular. But don’t wait until everyone else becomes interested. The time to start is today.

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