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In astrology, the fourth house is more than just your home and family life. It’s the root of your ancestry. And it’s the foundation for who you are and what you can build in this lifetime.

Have you ever wondered how a person becomes successful in life? Have you ever thought about what the early years in a successful person’s life were like?

Before you can succeed in any endeavor you need four things. First you need to have self-esteem. You need confidence. You need a goal. And you need a plan to guide you from where you are to where you must go to pursue your goal.

Your home and family are the place and people with whom you get to develop your strengths to help you pursue your direction in life.

Your horoscope can show you the strengths and weaknesses of your home environment. It can show you the type of parents you have and the quality of your relationship with them.

Astrology can also help you discover the times in your life when you need to strengthen your foundation. This is in preparation for a bigger pursuit up ahead. Becoming aware of your roots through astrology can help you become more successful in your life.

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http://www.TraiStar.com TraiStar Be Happy. Know Your Future.

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