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Since the beginning of human life, wise women and men and queens and kings consulted astrologers. Contrary to what skeptics say, astrology is not a fatalistic fortune-telling field. It’s a profession in which astrologers can help you become more self-aware through the planets.

Navigate Your River of Life With
The Guidance of the Planets

Astrology guides people throughout the world. And it can guide you too.

When you consult an astrologer, you can see the map of the planets at the time and place of your birth and any time past or future. You can find out who makes a better mate for you. You can find the best time to pursue a goal or avoid a catastrophe. And you can determine the best career path to follow.

Plus you can have the guidance to navigate along your river of life through its twists and turns, forks and branches, shallows and midstream, and eddies and rapids. So you can fulfill your destiny.

Get the Astrological Insight to Know
How the Planets Can Affect Your Life

Astrology is like a weather report. On any given day you may have parts of your life that are sunny and warm. And other parts of your life can be stormy and cold. There may not be any perfect day when everything is honky-dory. But there can be many days when you are able to sail through the strong wind and pouring rain.

Before you start your journey it’s always a good idea to know the weather. And before you make any important decision involving a relationship, money, career, home or travel, it’s wise to look at your horoscope. And it’s a good idea to consult an astrologer to help you know when to pursue your goals.

Discover When Your Stars Align For Love & Money
TraiStar® consults clients on natal charts plus planet transits and progressions. Your reading is holistic. It may cover love and marriage, money, sex, career, home, travel and more! Find out how the planets can affect your life today and in your future.

Get Your Personal Horoscope Consultation by Phone
Talk with me at a time right for you. It is private and discreet. So you can feel safe to speak about your life. Plus you can gain insight on who you are and what’s ahead.

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