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How Do You Define Success?

For some people, success is a marriage that lasts forever. For other people, it is achieving career goals. No matter your wants, you can climb the highest mountain of success.

Your natal horoscope reveals the areas in your life in which you have the greatest potential for success. When you become aware of what these are, you can have the power to fulfill your purpose in life. And you can be successful.

Your Natal Horoscope Shows Your Potential For Success

Your natal chart contains so much information about your life. It reveals your natural interests and personality traits. It shows the type of relationships you are most likely to attract in your life. It uncovers the careers you are best suited to pursue. Most of all it can enable you to become more self-aware. So you can know who you are and where you can go in life.

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Your Transits & Progressions Reveal Your Future Success

Life changes. So do the planets. They continue moving through the zodiac. As each planet moves it aspects your natal planets at various times. This causes a cascade of events. The more aware you are of the planetary movements and how they relate to your natal chart, the better able you can achieve your goals and be successful.

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